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Women's clothing Feminine fashion corduroy pants

Goddesswear was founded in 1999 by Katherine Alldis, a professional singer who, when first visiting Rio de Janeiro with her Husband Robert Sushereba  (☆1949 / + 2021), fell in love with the sensuality of the people and with the exuberant nature of the place and decided to create a collection of versatile, practical, sensual clothing that can be used for most any  occasion. 
Her husband already had experience in business, and with a strong connection to sports, as he was a Jiu-jitsu teacher, took on the management of the Company. Together they carried out the launch with rapid success. The name Goddesswear also came from Katherine, a great artist with a sensitive and inspiring vision, who understands the importance of each and every woman feeling empowered in her self-esteem and aware of her potential with clothes that value the body with freedom and comfort.
The brand is found in countries such as the USA, Brazil, Switzerland, Norway,  Canada and Denmark and a new moment of expansion for Goddesswear is being carefully calculated under the advice of a new team of collaborators.

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"Goddesswear, always looking for the highest quality and we have selected the best partners to work with to produce quality results  for our customers."

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